"Vessels" book


"Vessels" book


Shot over a period of three years, the project Vessels show us intimate scenes of summer tourists boating along Norway’s southern coast. The images, shot from a birds-eye view, show candid tableaux of human behaviour and interaction.

The photographic series Vessels reveals more than the obvious. Through viewing anonymous people, a mirror is held up to ourselves, inevitably forcing us to reflect on our culture, values and existence.

“Using a voyeuristic approach, Jonassen succeeds in creating a sense of intimacy in Vessels... By treating ordinary phenomena as significant carriers of meaning, layers of mundanity are carefully peeled away, until a type of essence of our behaviour or nature remains”. - Maiken Winum.

The photos are shot at Blindleia, an inland waterway stretching from Skauerøya in the east to the Ulvøysund in the west of Lillesand Municipality. Many people, including Norway’s royal family, consider Blindleia to be one of Norway’s most beautiful coastal areas, the ‘fillet mignon’ of the southern archipelago.

About the book:
First edition.
Language: English and Norwegian.
Hardcover, 156 pages
Edition: 500 (of which 50 are special edition)
Design: Goedele Teirlinck & Simon A. Kjær (SAK design)
Foreword: Maiken Winum
Translator: From Norwegian to English (Foreword): Arlyne Moi
Paper: Munken Lynx 170 g
Font: LL Brown (Aurèle Sack / Lineto)
Print: Livonia Print
ISBN: 978-82-691305-0-8
Supported by: Norske fagfotografers fond, Stavanger kommune and Grafill.

© Christopher Jonassen, 2018

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