When swallows fly high

A little boy will travel to the south of Norway and spend his summer holiday with his mother and grandparents. They will live in a cabin by the sea, on a small island. They will do this every summer. He will also make a friend, experience his first kiss and throw up from eating too many cherries. His grandfather will teach him that when the swallows fly high it is a sign of good weather, and that this is a good time to pack for a boat trip. They will ride their boat around the small island which is connected to the mainland only by a narrow bridge. Sometimes someone will wave to him from the bridge. He will enjoy these boat trips greatly and he will think these lazy summer days will last forever.

When he is older, the sight and sound of swallows will stir something deep within him. He will have a hard time explaining this to others, but nevertheless, it will remain.

A man will return to the place where he spent his summer holidays. His grandparents have passed away now. He will go on boat trips with his friend, but it's not the same. He will stand on the bridge and remember his childhood. He will look at the people passing under the bridge in their boats and wonder who they are and where they are going. Sometimes he will wave to them. Sometimes he will photograph them. He will do this over several years. In one of the images he will feel like he somehow captured himself as a little boy.

- Christopher Jonassen